Volunteer Database and GIS Expert | March 24th, 2008

In August this year we are sending a professional volunteer, Peter Hiemstra, to Galapagos to help the CDF Marine department re-organise and improve their databases. Peter is a database and GIS expert currently working for the Department of Conservation. Nowadays having a good database is essential for ongoing scientific research and monitoring, and as the Galapagos Marine Reserve is a World Heritage Site in its own right, we are hopeful that our contribution in funding Peter’s travel will be beneficial to the future protection of the Marine Reserve. He will be there for at least three months and will also participate in field research. We have arranged this ‘volunteership’ in cooperation with the Hamish Saunders Memorial Fund. Hamish, who died tragically in 2003 had himself been a volunteer at the CDF. For more information on the Fund look at: www.hamishsaunders.com