Shark Tagging | November 6th, 2008

CDF and the National Park have been carrying out shark tagging studies in the northern islands of Darwin & Wolf since 2006. As part of this project the CDF scientists and divers from the National Park carry out studies, monitoring and a baseline survey to collect detailed information about the population of sharks in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. According to Alex Hearn, the scientist responsible for the project, “The importance of this work is that sharks are key species in the marine reserve, as top predators they are an indicator of the health of the marine ecosystem.”

The project has resulted in the tagging of a number of sharks including 92 Hammerhead Sharks, 12 Galapagos Sharks and 3 Whale Sharks and others.

The compiled information will serve to determine how to maintain a correct balance in the maritime ecosystem and the protection of this species in danger, as well as create baseline data for controlling fishing in the archipelago.