Reintroduction of tortoises to Isabella | October 14th, 2009

On 4 August the Galapagos National Park Authority advised that they had successfully reintroduced 153 giant tortoises¬†(Geochelone vicina) to the Cinco Cerros area of Isabella. This operation shows the potential of long term strategic restoration programmes – in this case involving goat control to restore the habitat and captive breeding to maintain populations of tortoises to be returned to the habitat.¬† It shows that we can reverse the negative effects of human settlement on the Galapagos if we all work together – even when the actions needed are currently “impossible”.¬†

It also demonstrates the fact that investment in infrastructure and equipment for one operation can have spin-off benefits for other operations. In this case, the helicopter bought for the goat control operation was needed to safely transport the tortoises to their new homes.