Prizes | March 24th, 2008

Ramon Munoz from La Coruna University in Spain has won the ‘Clean Sea’ prize for his research into the spiny lobster in Galapagos. The study will help to ensure the sustainable use of this resource which has been either not managed or badly managed in the past.

Syuzo Itow from Japan, a member of the General Assembly of the Charles Darwin Foundation, has been awarded the Hanano Banpaku Kinensho prize for his work on the co-existence of people and the native flora.

The first class has graduated from the Culinary School at the Galapagos National High School, this has been established to provide training for young islanders to equip them to work in the catering trade in Galapagos, rather than going to the mainland to find work, or mainlanders coming to the islands to fill the demand.