Pest eradications | June 8th, 2010

Ten years ago no-one in the Galapagos thought that major pest eradications were feasible.  Today they can look back on the largest goat eradication in the world, eradication of several plant species (something many international commentators still say can’t be done), eradication of cats from Baltra, eradication of a fire ant population on Marchena, and rat eradications.   Those eradications have not only provided new opportunities for conservation, but have built confidence and enthusiasm for eradications as a core tool.  I am sure we will see more eradications over the next decade.

This trend is not restricted to the Galapagos, and their experts are now sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with other island groups.  Two Galapagos experts were invited to participate in the recent workshop on the Juan Fernandez Islands in Chile, and Galapagos projects will be presented at the February international eradication conference in Auckland.