Consolidation of the terrestrial National Park | October 14th, 2009

The legal status of the park as a protected area has survived and if anything strengthened. 

On June 15 this year Baltra Island (which has the main airport) became officially part of the Galapagos National Park.  Nearly 74% of the island will be directly administered by the Park for conservation and restoration of biodiversity, and the Park will also have a role in administration of the other zone, where the impacts of military and other activities are to be “reduced”.    This will greatly improve the ability of the park managers to achieve conservation gains on Baltra – something previously difficult due to the jurisdiction of the military authorities and the constant turn-over of the military base commanding officers.

National pride and commitment to the Park has increased over the years.  When he visited the Islands in May, the current Ecuadorean President confirmed his commitment to the sustainable development model currently in place for the islands.

Wider agency involvement in conservation has also developed.  The agriculture ministry is now actively involved in quarantine and invasive species management; the municipalities are active in urban zone environmental management, and so on.